Article on Tea Export from India

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All teas, whether imported or exported would be required to conform to the specified specifications. Tea has been classified into three categories i.e. 1. India Tea, 2. India Tea not less than 90% by weight of tea and 3. blended tea of different origin and packed in India, There should be a minimum value addition of 50%Arnab K Sinha

1. Tea Export Control

Export of Tea is controlled under theTea (Distribution and Export) Control Order, 2005, issued under the Tea Act, 1953 (29 of 1953).

2. Tea Definition

Tea means any product munufactured from the leaves of camellia sinensis including gree tea, instant tea and value added products, commercially known as tea, namely packet tea, tea bags, flavoured tea, quick brewing black tea and ready to drink tea, conforming to the specified specifications of the black tea, green tea, Kangra tea, as the case may be.

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